Doncaster Chamber of Commerce


Doncaster Chamber of Commerce

Doncaster Chamber is an award-winning independent membership organisation that has supported and represented the private sector for over seventy five years. Its primary objective is to help businesses of all sizes and sectors to prosper and succeed. The Chamber offer a range of services and opportunities that help members to reduce costs, network and contribute to overall business improvement.
Doncaster Chamber is highly experienced in managing projects involving industry, business, government, and academia. It works on numerous contracts for enterprise, employment, skills and business growth.
The Chamber also lobbies local and national government about the key issues affecting the private sector. Some of the most recent collaborative work includes the HS2 Rail College, University Technical College, and FARRRS.
Doncaster Chamber of Commerce is in charge of the dissemination.


Participating Staff

Mr Vic Holbrey


Vic Holbrey started with the Chamber in June 2004 and was quickly promoted to the Head of Business Support where he focused on securing and managing local and European funded contracts all with a primary focus in upskilling local entrepreneurs and supporting existing businesses to grow and diversify. In 2014 he was promoted to Director or Operations which brought the Chamber’s membership, events and export teams also under his stewardship in addition to various publically funded contracts the Chamber still specialises in.
Ms Jemma Richardson Jemma Richardson joined the Chamber in November 2012 as Business Relationship Manager to develop and grow the Chamber’s relationships with member businesses and the wider business community. In 2015 Jemma was promoted to Business Growth Manager responsible for the International Trade function, Training platform and projects aligned with supporting local business growth.
Ms Rebecca Leam


Rebecca Leam joined Doncaster Chamber in December 2015 as Communications Officer to help shout about the great business taking place in Doncaster and the Sheffield City region. Her work covers marketing strategy, online media and publications. Her role also involves policy work and supporting funded business and education contracts.