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Here you can find useful resources for studying as well as for teaching purposes (lectures, slides, exercises, in-class activities and assessment tools). 

01 Technologies for reducing waste

02 Green external operations management

03 Green Purchasing

MODULE 2 04 Definition of Environmental Objectives and KPIs

05 Reporting Activities

06 Environmental Databases

MODULE 3 07 Technologies for reducing the consumption of raw materials

08 Green Marketing

09 Interventions identification

Here you can find useful resources for the application/practice side (case studies of using SCEnATi, examples of good practices from each lecture).

Case Studies Good Practices
Case Study – Supermarket

Case Study – Warehousing

Case Study – Textiles

Case Study – Food

Case Study – Electronics Manufacturers

Case Study – Boiler

Case Study – Aluminium Frames

Case Study – Zinc Foiling

Case Study – Metal Production

Case Study – Cement Production

Case Study – Polystyrene

Case Study – Polyurethane

Case Study – Steel

Case Study – Glass

Good Practice – Circular Economy & Waste

Good Practice – Circular Economy

Good Practice – Cross-Docking

Good Practice – Environmental Management

Good Practice – Environmental Objectives

Good Practice – Green External Operations

Good Practice – Green Marketing

Good Practice – Green Purchasing Strategies

Good Practice – Green Purchasing

Good Practice – Green Reporting Activities

Good Practice – Green Reporting

Good Practice – Key Performance Indicators

Good Practice – Lean Operations

Good Practice – Raw Material Consumption Reduction

Good Practice – Reporting Activities

Good Practice – Scrap Recycling

Good Practice – Sustainability Intervention Identification

Good Practice – Waste Reduction Strategies

Good Practice – Waste Reduction Technology


Here you can use SCEnATi in order to apply the knowledge gained so far !

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