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Here you can find useful resources for studying as well as for teaching purposes (lectures, slides, exercises, in-class activities and assessment tools). 

Curriculum 1 –

Selected aspects of energy efficient management:

B8 Green Purchasing

B9 Green Marketing


C11 Green external operations management

Curriculum 2 –

Improving processes and supply chains towards energy efficiency

A4 Technologies for reducing waste


A3 Technologies for reducing the consumption of raw materials


E18 Interventions identification


Curriculum 3 –

Internal and external sources of information on energy efficiency

D15 Reporting Activities

E16 Definition of Environmental Objectives and KPIs

A6 Environmental Database Management Systems

Here you can find useful resources for the application/practice side (case studies of using SCEnATi, examples of good practices from each lecture).

Case Studies Good Practices
Case Study – Supermarket

Case Study – Warehousing

Case Study – Textiles

Case Study – Food

Case Study – Electronics Manufacturers

Case Study – Boiler

Case Study – Aluminium Frames

Case Study – Zinc Foiling

Case Study – Metal Production

Case Study – Cement Production

Case Study – Polystyrene

Case Study – Polyurethane

Case Study – Steel

Case Study – Glass

Good Practice – Circular Economy & Waste

Good Practice – Circular Economy

Good Practice – Cross-Docking

Good Practice – Environmental Management

Good Practice – Environmental Objectives

Good Practice – Green External Operations

Good Practice – Green Marketing

Good Practice – Green Purchasing Strategies

Good Practice – Green Purchasing

Good Practice – Green Reporting Activities

Good Practice – Green Reporting

Good Practice – Key Performance Indicators

Good Practice – Lean Operations

Good Practice – Raw Material Consumption Reduction

Good Practice – Reporting Activities

Good Practice – Scrap Recycling

Good Practice – Sustainability Intervention Identification

Good Practice – Waste Reduction Strategies

Good Practice – Waste Reduction Technology


Here you can use SCEnATi in order to apply the knowledge gained so far !

You can download the SCEnATi manual here:

SCEnATi Manual_November_2018.

Important: In order to benefit from maximum user experience we highly recommend that you utilize a high resolution (wide screen or zoom out in order to capture the entire modelling map).